With this week's Question of the Week, we look at the fine art of grilling. In my opinion, there is nothing like throwing some food on the grill with some friends and family.  With most of us, especially in Texas, grilling skills are taught to us as soon as we are able to pick up a pair of grilling tongs. One thing that is always debatable, though, is which type of grilling is better.  Propane, charcoal or wood?

Either one will get the job done, but which one do you think is better?  Some people like the convenience of a propane grill because you can just go outside, fire it up and you're ready to grill in minutes.  Others prefer to grill with wood because it puts a better flavor in your food.  Charcoal is another option that people use to add a little flavor to their food and it burns a little hotter than a gas grill.

So, which type of grilling do you think is better?  Propane, charcoal or wood?

Here is what some of you have already said.

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