Nowadays, technology has enabled us to check out our favorite music in a variety of ways.  No longer are we just limited to portable radios and CD players, but now we have iPods, and smart phones with music apps, and a ton of other ways to get our music fix.  With this week's Question of the Week, I ask you which device do you listen to music on the most?

I remember the first time I got a Walkman.  I would proudly walk around with my little portable cassette player blasting out some  Metallica, Motley Crue or Ratt.  Man, times sure have changed.  Sure, I still have my Walkman packed deep inside my garage because I'm an apparent hoarder as my wife tells me, but, there are literally 4 or 5 different ways I can listen to my music now. From iPods and laptops, to TV and computers, there is just no shortage of the ways we can blast our music as loud as we can.

Besides listening to our in-studio monitor when I'm on the air, I would have to say I listen to my iPhone the most because I always have it on me at all times.  So, when I play disc golf or if I am mowing the lawn, its just the easiest way for me to get my music.  Every person is different.  Heck, my Dad still listens to his 8 tracks all the time.

What about you?  Hit the play button to hear what some people have already said.

So what device do you listen to music on the most?  Take our poll and feel free to leave your comments below as well.