The Dallas Cowboys can't seem to stay out of trouble.  Two months after defensive lineman, Josh Brent, was busted for involuntary manslaughter for driving drunk and killing a teammate, nose tackle, Jay Ratliff, was arrested and charged with DWI.  So, which Dallas Cowboys player will be next to get into trouble? 

The Dallas Cowboys have had a long history of players getting into trouble.  You have wide receiver, Michael Irvin, getting busted for cocaine, the new #88, Dez Bryant, allegedly smacking his mom around, Kevin Ogletree, Pacman Jones, Sam Hurd, Rafael Septien, Harvey Martin, Nate Newton - the list goes on of players for the Cowboys that have been arrested for one thing or another.

Over the years, the Cowboys just can't stay out of trouble.  And, it's not like they don't have ways to avoid trouble.  In fact, Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, has even said that they provide a service that can take players home safely if they have been out drinking and can't drive.

Even with multiple ways of avoiding trouble, the Cowboys can't seem to do it.

So, as history shows, it's inevitable that another player will get in trouble sometime in the near future.  But, which Dallas Cowboys player will it be? Look into your crystal balls, and take our poll below.