I’m sitting here watching Duck Dynasty on A&E Channel. So I’m thinking you can apparently make a reality show out of anything these days. It seems to me that folks in television have no more creativity so it’s easier to just throw out an idea and see what happens. There are some scripted shows out there that are really great but they are few and far between, in my opinion. Although I do admit Duck Dynasty is pretty funny.

Now I don’t really think my life is worth a reality show but if I had to do one here is how I think it would go.

The cameras would have to be set up in my living room next to my chair. That’s where I spend most of my time. They would not be allowed to follow me to the bedroom, I refuse to have documentation on my snoring, which I’m still not convinced I do but those close to me say different. The bathroom, definitely off limits. I don’t really cook much although I could show folks how to open a can of whatever is in the cabinet. I could sort and do some laundry, maybe pick up a Tide or Bounce endorsement.

We have a small house so that brings us back to the living room and my chair. They would probably catch an argument or two between me and Honey about who gets control of the remote. We’ve already established that I’m not much on reality television. He, on the other hand, watches the hunting channel, concerts, cops, loggers, swamp people and anything else that I’ve said NO to. Yes sir, that would be pretty exciting stuff.

I don’t think we’d get picked up for more than 3 episodes, if we even made it to air in the first place. Boring is good though, I like my life and there’s not much I would change. I wouldn’t want to be a Kardashian where all my laundry is aired to the world. Guess I’m just a stick in the mud, but I think we could use a little less intrusion into other people’s lives. However, it sure makes my world feel really calm. I don’t like too much drama.

So what would your storyline be? Would you have a funny show, a drama filled show, a racy show, or would it be as boring as mine?

PS…I really do think this Duck show is pretty funny! Just don’t tell anyone. Here’s a taste of the show and ole Phil; I think we might just get along.