Ford recently announced some possible changes to their Mustang.  I wasn't too happy, and judging by your answers to a recent poll about it, you were not either. The changes take the classic muscle car look and painfully changes it to some futuristic sedan type car.   Since the Mustang was such a muscle car icon, that got me thinking...what is the best muscle car of all time? I've always loved muscle cars of all types.  From Camaro and Mustangs, to GTO's and Nova's, there is just nothing like the fierce look and the pure power of a muscle car.  I remember seeing my uncle's 1968 Camaro as a kid, and that pretty much was the start of my love for muscle cars...particularly the Camaro.

These days, the only real muscle cars you see are the ones that people rebuild.  Sure, Camaros and Mustangs are still around, and, in recent years, Dodge has brought back the Challenger and Charger, but they don't make them like they used to.

So, which muscle car is the best of all time?  I provided a list of cars, but you can write in your own choice if you want.  Feel free to leave your comments below as well.