I've learned that hospice is not a place but more so a philosophy of care. Hospice is dedicated to providing quality, in-depth compassionate care to anyone with a life threatening illness. I've learned that hospice is not just for the patient, it's for family members as well. I've also learned that Hospice helps me in dealing with the loss of a loved one. How have I learned this?

Because in the last four years I've lost three loved ones and all three were in the professional, compassionate care of the Hendricks Hospice Care team.

Hospice care is a choice one makes for yourself or a person dealing with a life-limiting illness, emphasizing on the comfort care of the patient, while providing a support network of hospice professionals for the family.

Hospice gives families and patients choices between remaining in their own home, at a nursing facility or for us here in Abilene, the Hendrick Hospice Care unit on the 7th floor at Hendrick Medical Center. I learned from experience that the hospice doctors, nurses and councilors are all available 24/7 as you need them.

A couple of interesting facts about hospice care. One is, they're in higher demand around the Holidays and two,they don't charge for their services.

The National Hospice President Shares His Views on Hospice Care.