Triple Shot Thursday has been a long-running tradition on Rock 108 where we play three in a row from various bands every Thursday.

Well, like the old saying goes "all good things must come to an end".

Never fear though, this is only a temporary move as we refine the Triple Shot Thursday feature.

There are a couple of reasons why we temporarily nuked the feature. One of them being the fact that it was time to rest it. We may all love our spouses but if we didn't get a break from them from time to time, then we'd grow weary of them to the point of contempt. Another reason we wanted to shelve Triple Shot Thursday for a bit was so we wanted to refine our music library so when we do play triple shots, all 3 songs in each three-fer would be world class tunes. We don't all love every song from every band, but we do love many songs from many bands. This will just give us, as Rock 108, time to make sure we're serving up the best songs possible. It will also give you, the listener, time to appreciate the feature itself without being burned out.

So, hopefully that explains a bit as to why we pulled the plug on Triple Shot Thursday. However, it will return when the time is right. We just wanted to explain it all to you because you're not just a listener to us, you're part of our family and we wanted to keep you in the loop on the 'goings-on' with your favorite station.

For those that love hearing multiple songs in a row by your favorite bands, we still have the Double Shot Nooner. Bristol serves up double-shots of your favorite bands every weekday from 11:50-1pm. We also have the Sixer at 6 where Chaz plays 6 in a row from our favorite bands every Friday night at 6.

Thanks for listening, you're the reason we wake up every day.