Two Sundays ago, Pastor McQueen at Beltway Baptist Church said in passing, “we need to pray for rain.” This past Sunday I was visiting Wylie Christian Church and Pastor Doug said, “man It’s getting hot, y’all we need to pray for some rain.” Granted, Abilene’s in one of the worst droughts in recent history and we need rain, but is that what we really pray for?

My dad is over 80 years old and his health is something I worry and pray about daily. I have a daughter in-law that is terminally ill and I pray for her several time a day. Then there’s my coworkers and friends that have cancer, I pray for them. A couple of family members are needing or wanting jobs, so I pray about that. I hate to admit this one, but I pray about money too. What do you pray about? What’s important in your life that gets you sending up some knee mail to the man above?