So yesterday I made a post on Facebook about your immediate reaction after hearing sirens. I didn't really specify whether it was police, ambulance, or firetruck sirens...I just said sirens.

Well, needless to say, I got quite few hilarious replies and I figured I'd share them with you guys.

Cody Slaughter said "I like to run back and forth in my backyard and bark into the air".

Julia Murphy added "Do I have a warrant".

Patrick Kennison, of the band Heaven Below, replied "I take the clown suit off & put my regular clothes back on...".

Cole Ruster had a flashback apparently when he said "Time to get under ground, the bombs are coming. Maybe I've been watching The Wall too much".

And one of the best responses came from Jonathan Jones when he said "turn up rock 108 and go out with a bang".

All I know is that I don't sweat it too much when I hear sirens, but I crap my pants anytime a cop pulls me over...even when I know 100% I'm guilty of nada.

If you didn't get to add your response, go ahead and tell us now (in the comment box below). While you're at it, the video should be fairly inspirational.

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