With this week's Question of the Week, we asked what device do you listen to music on the most.  Based on the results of the poll we created for you to vote on, the results are in. 

First of all, judging by the picture above of the radio in my truck, I need a new one - or at least clean the one I have.

Anyway, according to our recent poll, 46% of Abilene listen to their music on the radio.  Some might say they are surprised by the results with all of the other devices out there to listen to music on.  We have iPods, MP3 players, computers, smart phones and even TV to throw down our favorite music, yet radio still came out on top in this particular poll.  Check out the complete breakdown of the votes.

I think that just proves that radio is still very relevant to our everyday lives.  Whether we are listening for the music, the features like sports news or contests, or our favorite DJ, radio is still a constant connection to our favorite music.  Sure, it's easy to throw on a CD or play your personal playlist on your iPod, but radio is still the easiest way to get your music because all you have to do is turn it on.

Personally, I listen to radio all the time because, well, it's kind of my job and I'm exposed to it a lot more than the average person.  But, when I'm away from work, I usually will listen to my iPhone just because it is with me all the time.  However, with this day in age, I can not only listen to my playlist I created, but since I have Radiopup downloaded on my phone, I can listen to my radio station on my phone.  Man, times sure have changed since the days of the Walkman.

So, do you agree with the results of this poll?  What device do you listen to music on the most?