Back in the day, anytime you saw a picture or video of Slash, he usually had a bottle of something and the red-eyed look of a true alcoholic champion.  Times have sure changed as these days, as a much cleaner Slash is a big family man.

Slash recently took his wife and kids to check out a L.A. Galaxy soccer game.  In the video, you'll meet his wife, Perla Hudson, and their two sons, London, 10, and Cash, 7.  Apparently Slash played soccer back in the day and his two sons play as well.  However, one of his sons doesn't seem too excited about the game and is probably thinking about jamming out on guitar and hanging with a bunch of hot groupies.

Who knew Slash was a big soccer fan?  Heck, who knew he had a wife and family?  I wonder if Slash uses the same hair shampoo as Pittsburgh Steelers safety, Troy Polamalu?

Check out the interview of the former Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver axeman.

Slash and Family Interviewed at Soccer Game