Normally if I saw that someone had taken all of the nudity and sex scenes from an HBO show and compiled them into 1 video, I would think it was the most awesome video of the week. Not with HBO’s “Game Of Thrones” though.

First off it seems that all of their sex is either abbreviated or interrupted. A lot of them never get to finish. Um that’s not any fantasy world I want a part of. And then I thought, “hey I’m only 2 minutes into a 16 minute sex fest here. Maybe I’ve jumped the gun!”

Ok so some of the sexy sex got better, but I still don’t care about the show. It’s just too confusing, and too D&D for me. I like my nudity mostly simple. I don’t want to have to swim through too many story lines just to catch a boob or two. That’s why today’s modern plot-free porn is good enough for me.

Anyway here’s a link to that video if you need to kill 16 minutes of your day. And yes I can only post a link because for some reason the political blog can show nudity but a rock station blog cannot.