Nickelback, Limp Bizkit, Creed and Justin Bieber seem to be the 4 of the most hated artists on the planet. Even though they've sold over 100 million albums combined. So, if you're one of the haters amongst the millions and millions fans, then here's an easy way to find out which of your Facebook friends likes these guys, that way you can un-friend them today.

Just log on to Facebook, click the link to each artist then a page will come up that shows which of your friends likes these guys. After that, you have an easy way to know who to un-friend. That way, you don't have to peruse each friend's page. This will give you much more time to complain about the government, Tony Romo and the weather.

Personally, if you're gonna nuke someone on Facebook because they like a band that you don't like, then you must live a miserable existence.