We haven’t heard much from the Virtua Fighter series in the past half decade. After the last game in the series, Virtua Fighter 5, came out in 2007 we weren’t sure we’d ever see a sixth entry. Now word has hit that Sega’s fighter series will see new life, but in downloadable form and it’s not exactly Virtua Fighter 6, but just another Virtua Fighter 5.

Confused? Joystiq explains the game, headed to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, is dubbed Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown and looks to be a rehash of the older game.

As any fan of Final Fantasy knows, the word “final,” pretty much means the opposite of the common definition in videogamese. After the long delay, and the lack of movement in the Virtua Fighter series, we’re halfway inclined to believe this may actually be the final game, at least until Sega gets nostalgic and decides to go back to the well once again.

Whatever it is, the new Virtua Fighter 5 hits the PSN June 5 and XBLA June 6. If you’ve gotten by the past 5 years without feeling the need to play it, we’re hard pressed to give you a reason to download this new/old version.