Avengers didn’t get me off my ass. Dark Shadows didn’t get me off my ass.  Prometheus WILL get me off my ass and into a theater.  I’m am very excited about the first two movies, but this ‘prequel’ of sorts to the Alien franchise SCREAMS big screen to me.  I’ve got the trailer and more for you after the jump.

It’s hard to grasp the entire plotline from available materials, but apparently in the near future man takes a trip to the planet where our creators live.  At some point this trip turns out to be a bad idea.  Sound good?  All I know is the majestic spacescapes and creepy space and alien noises seem made for a giant screen.  This promises to be exactly the kind of movie that makes the theater experience worthwhile.  Check out the trailer below, and if that gets your space geek going, click here to go to the website for the movies fictional space exploration company.