Everybody is videoing everything these days to put it on YouTube. That can be good and bad but whatever your motives there is one piece of new technology that you might want to check into, video recording sunglasses.

These are great for the adventure hound but anyone could benefit from the hands free video capability. They aren’t inexpensive, about $350 a pair but who wouldn’t pay that to be the coolest kid on the block?

The glasses are made by Pivothead and were named National Geographic Adventures, Gear of the Year 2012. They are sports sunglasses with built in wifi, mic, video and still photo capabilities. The camera is a 1080hp 8MP to provide the best photo/video. It has an 8GB internal memory and 75 degree field of view. They come in a variety of styles and colors

I would have loved a pair of these last year when I went to Puerto Rico and zip lined. Have you ever tried to zip line and hold a camera? These would have been so perfect. The only thing I see is that they aren’t waterproof so if you use them around water you have to be very careful.

Just so you know my birthday is coming up in November if anyone feels the need to get me a gift!