U.S. Navy Seals Are The Honeybadgers Of The World! Have them go after Bin Laden? Have them rescue a hostage? The U.S. Navy seals will do it and just not give a sh!t!  They are badass incarnate and hopefully the way of the future.

I had to start this blog out fun because my over the top patriotism might seem a little cheesy at this time.  If you haven’t heard, the same Navy team that fed Bin Laden to the fishes dropped into Somalia and rescued two hostages (and killed nine hostage takers) right before the Presidents speech last night.  More after the jump.

I am hoping this is the way of the future. The U.S. should respect NO borders that harbor terrorists or kidnappers. The U.S. should have the power to root out these scum right in their own backyards. The world should know that if you mess with a U.S. citizen, you will be killed on the spot.  That’s it, you’re done.  There’s just no reason to let these simmer until a full-on war develops; we just solve each situation one by one until the bad buys that inflame tensions between countries are taking a dirt nap.  Yes, mistakes will be made; in this case the hostages could have been killed, but the upside is they were given a chance to live and the terrorists were taken out once and for all.

Pirates, terrorists and scum of the earth: watch out, the U.S. Navy Seals are coming for you!

If you’d like the whole story on the rescue operation, USA Today has it for you here.