Because of all the sexy women we feature on our website, I was recently told to be 'more creative' with my online content. I, pretty much, tuned out the conversation so I'm not exactly sure what 'they' were referring to. So, as I peruse the web to find your next babe of the day, I decided to explore my creative side to provide you with the Stick Figure Babe of the Week.


Trixie Bodacious has measurements that would make a Barbie doll blush. She hails from Bic, USA. Her specific origin is not really known because I have no idea which factory produced the Bic marker that I used to draw her.

We haven't had a chance to talk, but I can only imagine this blue-haired vixen loves long walks on the beach, curling up close to a fire with her favorite novel, and back rubs.

Don't expect her to do any kinky things to you with her fingers, because she has no hands. That still befuddles me as she is seen below taking a selfie. How did she hold her phone?

Without further ado, feast your freaky eyes on Trixie, the Stick Figure Babe of the Week.

Here she is as she's about to spin around like Wonder Woman


Here she is taking a selfie-pic


That girl has some serious guns.