Today (9/18) is 'National Cheeseburger Day' and just saying that makes me hungry. Now I'm not sure who made the initial proclamation that today is a salute to cheeseburgers, but honestly, it doesn't matter. Everyday is cheeseburger day in my book.

With all this talk about cheeseburgers, I want to know who you think serves the best cheeseburgers in Abilene.

Chaz wrote about the best 'burger' in town, I want to know about the best 'cheeseburger'.

Yes, there's a huge difference.

One has cheese and one doesn't.

A cheeseburger can be a hamburger but a hamburger can't be a cheeseburger.

Now that we cleared that up, who do you think has the best 'cheeseburger' in town?