You've heard me say it over and over and I'll stand by it until my last day...Abilene has a lot of great musicians. As a matter of fact, we have so many, I started Local Licks Live to spotlight a different musician and/or band each week. You can listen to Local Licks Live every Thursday at 2 on Rock 108.

TJ Templeton is a good ol' boy who plays just about anything and always has a funny story to go along with it.

Here are a few songs that TJ recently played for us on Local Licks Live. His performance includes some great originals and 1 heck of a cover of Turn the Page, by Bob Seger.

TJ Templeton - Bald Tire
TJ Templeton - Go For A Ride
TJ Templeton - Texas Is Burning
TJ Templeton - They Don't Make Em Like They Used To
TJ Templeton - Turn The Page (Bob Seger)

To grab, just click </> on your favorite song(s)