I'm not so sure the "Underdog" will end up winning it all but following the 1st weekend in the NFL Playoffs, there's a damn good chance it'll happen.

Before the playoffs started I popped off and said I'd root for the Seahawks since my team (The Texans) wasn't in the postseason!  I said that thinking that wouldn't last more than 1 quarter.  Well, low-n-behold, the damn Seahawks stunned the defending Champs (Saints) in week 1.  That wasn't the only "upset" of the weekend either.  The Jets beat Peyton Manning and The Colts, The Ravens killed the Chiefs and The Packers took down the Eagles.  No, those aren't huge upsets but they are upsets just based on the Vegas line that was given prior to the games.

Next up is the divisional round of the NFL Playoffs...let's see if I can completely screw up my picks for this weekend.  Obviously, I'm forced to pulling for the Seahawks (although I know they'll be destroyed by Da' Bears).  I'm also picking the Steelers over the Ravens, The Falcons will kill the Packers, and The Patriots will embarrass The Jets.

Right or wrong...those are my picks!

Oh yeah, from the middle of the season I picked the Patriots to beat the Falcons in the Super Bowl!