#5.  And the one on the left, well that's how you make babies.

#4. You think these are in rough shape, you should see the sack!

#3. Balls are just a figure of speech, they're not all round.

#2.  Objects in the picture much larger than actual size.

#1.  Chaz is very impressed with Frosty's first contribution to the porn world.

Okay, we just dashed these out.  Can you come up with better?  Then please do!  Post yours in the comments below.

And here's Heathen's just for kicks:

5. Damn! Even Mother Nature makes the dark one bigger.

4. As much as Chaz obviously handles his balls you'd think his palm would have more hair on it.

3. 1 of them will have frostbite soon unless somebody puts them in their mouth, ahem ahem...

2. Do I get 1 in the bush now?