Around the office we all like to have fun. That fun normally involves playing pranks on unsuspecting colleagues. Heck, I'm often the butt of the jokes and pranks, but many times I'm the one pulling the pranks. Unfortunately for Chaz, he's typically on the receiving end of my pranks. So, I thought I'd dig deep into the archives to find some of my favorite pranks I've played on Chaz.

The first one deals with gleeking. You know, when you yawn and that light fountain of spit flies out of your mouth. Well, Chaz professed to be a gleeking pro. So, with the camera rolling, I followed his instructions step by step and the end result was Chaz taking a cup full of water to the face.

The next prank was one I recently pulled on Chaz. Following the scandal at Rutgers that involved that basketball coach who used to rough up his players by throwing balls at them and such, I decided to do the same to Chaz...jokingly, of course. So, we lured him into the conference room where his fate was met with a huge yoga ball.

The next prank involved Chaz, a door, and a large broom...and it had nothing to do with his missing sex tape. Basically, I lodged this big ol' metal broom between the studio door and the wall then called Chaz and told him to go to the boss's office. His attempt to leave the studio left us all in tears.

This last prank I played on him was over the top funny. The gist was that we just bought this new voice activated fax machine and Chaz had the worst time getting that sucker to work. You can't imagine how funny it is to watch someone yell at an inanimate object.