Wikipedia Blackout


With Wikipedia going black for a day in protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), the Internet was ripe with “black” and “going down” jokes. Not to worry, we gathered some of the funniest for you:


It looks like YouPorn has gone black as well. Wait, no. There are some Asians if you scroll down.


Wikipedia has gone dark in protest of SOPA, eliminating the opportunity for anybody to find out what SOPA is.


Wikipedia goes black, Kim Kardashian tries to hook up with it.


Am I the only one who's worried that once Wikipedia goes black it'll never go back?


Playing it safe. Getting all my facts from Mapquest today (e.g. Matt Damon starred in: '40 Minutes From Current Location' and 'Take A Left')


I've been collecting Snapple caps just in case something happened to Wikipedia so I'm doing fine today.


Stop SOAP, but first, dyslexia.


TODAY IN INTERNET HISTORY: Google searches for “library” outnumbered “porn.”


Feel sorry for Congress. Wikipedia blackout affects them the most. Now how will they find out who fought in the American Civil War?


I was going to make a Wikipedia joke, but had to Wikipedia a fact about it first, and well, now this is just awkward for all of us. :(


Wikipedia is down today so if anybody wants to make a tax-free donation to them, send it to me and I will pass it along.


Wikipedia's down, but if you want questionable information, give Fox News a look.