"The Big Four", which is the name of the tour with Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, and Slayer, could  finally be hitting the states soon!

A Facebook fan page has been made for "The Big Four",  saying there will be an announcement tomorrow on the page.  No other details have been said but it is widely speculated that the announcement will be the U.S. tour dates.

As a die hard fan of all four bands, I remember how excited I was when this tour was announced - then how pissed I was to find out that this tour was only hitting overseas.  My radio experience told me that it would be a matter of time before this tour hit the states, but my fan side was seeing an experience of a lifetime happen somewhere else where I was not able to go. So, I'm pretty damn excited at the prospect of the announcement tomorrow.  If that is the case, (how the heck could it not be?) I will post the tour dates tomorrow right here!

You can get a two disc DVD set called "The Big Four: Live From Sofia, Bulgaria" now.

Here is a trailer of the DVD.

Here is some concert footage of "The Big Four" all on stage doing "Am I Evil".