Tragedy struck the Ballpark in Arlington last night for the third time in the ballparks history. An area firefighter has died after trying to catch a ball over the railing.

The man was identified as Brownwood firefighter, Shannon Stone.  During the second inning of the Texas Rangers game against the Oakland A's,  Shannon had tried to catch a ball that Josh Hamilton had thrown into the stands.  Oakland's Connor Jackson hit a foul ball, the ball bounced back into the field of play, so Josh tossed the ball up into the stands.  Shannon tried to catch the ball, but fell 20 feet from the stands.  Apparently, he was conscious when he was taken away on the stretcher, but later died.

This is the third incident where someone has fell over the railing at the Ballpark in Arlington.  In 1994, a woman fell from the stands on opening day while posing for a picture and year ago another firefighter fell from the stands and fractured his skull.

WARNING: This video is disturbing.

Sad to see something like this happen. Do you think the railing is too short at the Ballpark in Arlington?