Texas Hippie Coalition classify their music as 'red dirt metal'. What exactly is Red Dirt Metal? Take outlaw country, toss in a dash of Southern-fried classic rock and mix it with some potent Texas power grooves and you've got a combustible sonic cocktail on your hands...and that is Texas Hippie Coalition. THC is headlining The Highway Robbery tour that also features Eve to Adam and Hell South. The tour stops off in Abilene on August 16th, so mark your calendars now. This night will be a bit raucous.



Date & Time

  • Friday, August 16th
  • Doors at 7pm


Lucky Mule Saloon at 1850 South Clack


  • Available soon at Rock 108 Studios, Lucky Mule, and Parlor 10-18 Tattoos at 4201 North 1st
  • Available soon online here

Other Info

Ages 18 and up

Texas Hippie Coalition Videos

Pissed Off and Mad About It

Turn It Up


Eve to Adam "Run Your Mouth"