I remember growing up, just as many of you will, my mom's arm being my 'seat belt'. If she had to make a fast stop the arm came across me like lightning. Although that might have helped some it's not a substitution for an actual seat belt. Today starts the 12th annual Texas Department of Transportation's 'click it or ticket' campaign.

It was started in to honor Lyndon B. Johnson's National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act which was enacted 45 years ago. The event today will have activities in Austin like a car show demonstrating the progression of seat belts over the years.

Texas is one of the most buckled up states yet we still have some offenders. Officials say that while the word of 'buckling up' is mostly adhered to there are still some teenagers, rural folks, and pick up truck passengers that don't wear seat belts. When the program began 12 years ago only 76% of Texans were actually buckling up that has now increased to 94%. Pick up truck occupants score 87% while car occupants are at 91%.

Texas law requires all occupants of a vehicle, including back seat passengers, to wear a seat belt. Each unbuckled person faces a ticket with fines up to $200. Add to that court costs as well.

This year's 'Click It or Ticket' campaign period is from May 20th-June 2nd.