Check out this news from our sister station in Lubbock KFYO:

Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari, 20, a citizen of Saudi Arabia and resident of Lubbock, Texas, was arrested late yesterday by FBI agents in Texas on a federal charge of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction in connection with his alleged purchase of chemicals and equipment necessary to make an improvised explosive device (IED) and his research of potential U.S. targets.

It's weird to think of this happening in Lubbock. I mean, it already looks like a bomb went off  there. Downtown definitely looks like a scene from Call Of Duty: Black Ops. I guess that's why he researching other targets around the U.S.

One more question, how come no crazy-ass white people ever move to the middle-east and act a fool over there? Can't we reciprocate with a little of the crazy? Can't we get Lucious and Badger to book a flight overseas and blow up a falafel stand? Why does this have to be a one way street? Let's give some of these video game kids some real guns and let them mix it up over there for a while. If that's not enough, imagine if we sent some Slayer fans over there with just pocket knifes. I'm sure they'd all find out that no one does crazy like the good ole U.S.