With this week's Question of the Week, I asked you what you hated most about Abilene drivers.  After using your answers to conduct a poll, 45% of you chose talking and texting while driving as the most hated thing about Abilene drivers. Out of all of your answers, it's no surprise that this came out on top as the most hated thing about Abilene drivers.  I see it all the time where someone will pull out in front you and then when you pass them, there they are talking on their phone, or worse, texting someone.

According to the National Safety Council, 23 percent of all crashes each year involve some sort of cell phone use.  Pretty staggering number, considering that fact goes up against driving while impaired.

I think it's safe to say that the percentage could actually be higher here in Abilene with the way some people drive.  Especially with so many bad intersections in town.

While 45% of you thought talking and texting while driving was the most hated thing, 18% thought that going to slow when turning was the second most hated.  Check out the complete breakdown.

Do you agree with the results?

Thank you all for your input and be sure to tune in to Rock 108 or listen live online Monday for the next Question of the Week.