Playboy Bunnies Surprise Weatherman [VIDEO]
In what was probably the highlight of his life, Jim Ramsey, weatherman for WGNtv in Chicago, was interrupted by a few hotties while doing his weather report. These hotties are not just your average hottie, they're Playboy Bunnies.
Introducing Our New Interactive Weather Page
We're happy to introduce our new weather page - where you can view current conditions, see the five-day forecast, and explore the interactive weather map. You can use it for the latest updates, to plan for the rest of the week, or just to find out what's going on in the region...
I Jinxed The Snow – Sorry! [VIDEO]
So yesterday, I wrote this rant about what happens when it snows, and how drivers in Abilene can't drive when the weather gets bad.  I fully anticipated the roads to be all jacked up this morning, at least for the first part of the morning.  Apparently, my blog jinxed the snow.  …