UFO Spotted Over Ohio
Some needs to alert agents Mulder and Scully! A UFO was spotted over the skies of Cleveland, Ohio is getting a lot of attention online.
Watch UFO Spotted on a Hunters Game and Trail Camera
Do you believe in UFO's? The Shattles family of Jackson County Mississippi sure do. They caught what they believe to be is a real Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) on their game and trail camera. WLOX TV reports that Rainer and Edith Shattles own about 150 acres of prime deer real estate in Mississip…
Do You Believe in Aliens and UFO’s? [POLL]
Last night (May 15th) I was doing a remote at Jaguars Gold Club when something very strange happened with my equipment and my phone that made, not only me, but my co-worker, Frank Pain, wonder about the existence of alien lifeforms or UFO's.  Do you think they are real?
Did a Pair of UFOs Visit Russia? [VIDEO]
To add to all the other craziness that goes on in Russia, some believe the country has recently been visited by aliens. The video below depicts what are described as “comet-like” UFOs cutting a fiery trail through the sky above Adygeysk, Russia last month.
Spend a Night In a Spooky Cool UFO Treehouse [PHOTOS]
Aliens have invaded and you can live in their spaceships. Ok, not really, but check out these awesome UFO ‘treehouses’. They’re part of a so-called Treehotel in Harads, Sweden that is comprised of several themed-treehouses in a beautiful and densely wooded area …
UFO Caught on Camera During Live News Broadcast in Texas [VIDEO]
This footage of a mysterious object in the sky, which aired on ‘Today,’ probably won’t change anyone’s opinion of UFOs. But it’s bound to at least spark some debate.
During a live traffic news broadcast on KXAS in Fort Worth, Texas, a tower camera caught a bright object that appeared to fall from the…