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Signs You Smoke Too Much – The Morning After Top 10
Like most workplaces, we've got smokers and a smoking section outside. Well, each day I come in I walk past the outdoor ashtray and typically the area homeless people pick through it and clean away all the butts. But, this morning I noticed that hadn't happened and there were a ton of cigarette butt…
Man Rules for Women – The Morning After Top 10
Once again, we (men) understand that women rule the world. But, we still have some rules we wish you recognize from time to time. Does this mean you have to follow these rules all the time? No. Does this mean you relinquish your rights of overall power? No. This just means we have a few rules we thi…
Signs You’re a Pothead – The Morning After Top 10
It seems every time I log on to Facebook there's a 'friend' showing off their weed or new bong. It frustrates me so much because I can't reach through the screen to shake those people back into reality. Posting 'pot' pictures online, where everyone can see them, is the …
Signs You’re Really Broke – The Morning After Top 10
The economy appears to be on a major upswing as the stock market soars, real estate is great, the unemployment rate is at its best in years...but, there are still some that have empty pockets. That brings us to this The Top 10 Signs You're Really Broke.

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