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Top 10 ‘Man Movies’ – The Men’s Room
Each week, Michael, Chaz, Sanchez and myself gather for a little session of bro time...we call it The Men's Room.
This week, we tackle the topic of 'man movies'. Obviously the list could go on and on, but we do our best to create a top 10 list of 'man movies'.
The Men’s Room Discuss the ‘Bro Code’ [AUDIO]
The 'Bro Code' is the unwritten (until now) set of rules that guys (bros) abide by. Breaking said code can come with stiff penalties like being forced to buy the next round of drinks. Well, Michael, Sanchez, Chaz and I talk about the Bro Code and even add a few rules to the Bro Code.
Who’s on Your Celebrity Freebie List? – The Men’s Room
Those of you that are fans of the TV show 'Friends' might remember an episode in which they talked about the 'Celebrity Freebie List'. If you don't know what that is, well, it's a list of 5 celebrities who one is allowed to sleep with without it being considered as chea…