10 Painfully Awkward Soccer Fails
One of the most popular sports around the world, soccer (or should we say, football) is super fun to watch. And any soccer fan knows that the only thing more amusing than a sick goal is an epic soccer fail. Check out some great GIFs of what can only be described as total fails. You've never see…
Homecoming Queen Brianna Amat Nails Winning Field Goal [VIDEO]
Eighteen-year-old Brianna Amat of Pinckney, Michigan is a former soccer player who found her stellar kicking skills were better utilized on the varsity football team.
During Friday night’s game, she was called from the locker room at half-time to accept a crown. The popular senior had…
Amazing Soccer Tricks [VIDEO]
I remember playing soccer as a little kid and trying to imitate the great Pele'. I thought that if I could kick the ball around so that it never touched the ground, I was doing pretty good. Well, check out this dude, who takes freestyle soccer tricks to a different level.

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