It’s Just Snow Dumbass!
It's just snow. Don't freak out. You don't have to have three days of food. You don't need special ops winter training. Driving sucks, but if you go slow you'll be alright. But just in case, there are some special videos for you after the jump.
Don’t Eat This
If someone hands you a scoop of yellow snow, skip it. You're being played. Instead try the Rock Show's solution to a boring snow day. Read more after the break.
Snow Day Calculator
Okay, so this kid put together a page that calculates how likely you are to get a "snow day". It's not official by any means, but check it out here.
I Jinxed The Snow – Sorry! [VIDEO]
So yesterday, I wrote this rant about what happens when it snows, and how drivers in Abilene can't drive when the weather gets bad.  I fully anticipated the roads to be all jacked up this morning, at least for the first part of the morning.  Apparently, my blog jinxed the snow.  …
Snow In Abilene = Bad Driving [VIDEO]
Well, it looks like we have a decent chance of getting some snow tonight and tomorrow morning and with the snow, our driving habits in Abilene turn a bit on the crappy side.