How Many Times a Day Does the Average Guy Think About Sex?
(Editor’s Note – A recent study out of Ohio State University claims that the average man thinks about sex 388 times a day. We had to run our own test, and by we, we mean Amit.)

Once again, I’ve been called upon to deliver hard-hitting front line journalism. Yes, …
Katy Perry To Have Virtual Sex With Millions Of People
Freshly back-on-the-market pop startlet Katy Perry is getting hot and heavy with ‘The Sims 3: Showtime,’ a new addition to the PC game that allows you to pursue your dreams of becoming a dancer, musician, magician and — maybe it’s just us, but we doubt it…
Ghost Sex? Woman Claims To Have Photos to Prove It [VIDEO]
Do you see two ghosts getting frisky in this photo? Dianna Carlisle of Euclid, OH did. Not only does she claim to have seen two ghosts having sex in her  home, but she says the randy spirits had the nerve to do the deed right in front of her 4-year old granddaughter, who snapped a photo of the act w…
Students Sex It Up On The Roof [PICS]
Some photos surfaced online yesterday of two students at the University of Southern California who had relations on top of a SCHOOL BUILDING. In broad daylight. Apparently with people down in the quad below.