Happy PI Day You Geeks
There's a reason we call them "geeks". It's due to their weird senses of humor and social awkwardness. Proof of this is the celebration of "PI Day" on March 14 which equates to 314, or the first three numbers of PI. Haha, hilarious, right? Read more after the break.
Nightmare On Elm Street [VIDEO]
I hadn't heard a single positive review about the new "Nightmare On Elm Street", so I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I really don't know what people were expecting, but it's a very good horror movie. Read more after the break.
Rock Show Threesome 3.11.11 [AUDIO]
Oh, I'm going to get a candy bar, when I get back maybe I can think about something to say about these audio files. Nope, nothing. Good chocolate though.
Rock Show Threesome 3.8.11
Three is a magic number. At least that's what School House Rock taught me. So we now present three magic pieces of audio. Enjoy.
You Guys Are Warlocks
With apologies to Bill Maher, we have a new rule: Warlock is the new term for a "party animal". Read more after the break.

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