Rock Show

Rock Show Threesome [AUDIO]
Time for the Rock Show Threesome. Included my be the single grossest story we've ever had on "Things You Can't Unhear". Click the jumpy thing to get to the audio files.
Rock Show Threesome [AUDIO]
Hey everybody, it's the Thursday edition of the Rock Show Threesome. Are you excited or was your adult diaper already full? Listen to some show stuff after the jump.
Rock Show Threesome
Enjoy some learning and perhaps a couple of snarfs from the Presidential edition of The Rock Show
The Rock Show Threesome [AUDIO]
Welcome to "The Rock Show Threesome". We are still incredibly proud of the fact that, for better or worse, we do not repeat stories on the Rock Show. We don't do "best of's" and we even do all new shows for holidays. We don't even save our stuff.…
Pot Farm Busted!
I guess I've become one of "those people" who likes the janky-ass Facebook games. One of you got me started on Backyard Monsters and it takes so long for stuff to happen, I found another game to play in the meantime. Read More after the break.
BJ’s For Sale
USA Today is reporting the East Coast Membership store chain B.J.s is up for sale. This brings up many questions, including how much you you pay for BJ's? Read more after the jump.
Hatchet 2
Hatchet 2 promises "gore galore" for horror fans. The movie just hit d.v.d. this week and is ready to slash across your t.v. screen. The movie (and it's predecessor) are billed as "Old School American Horror". Read more and check out the trailer after the …

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