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Rock Show Threesome 3.18.11 [AUDIO]
Each day we talk about stuff and sometimes it turns out weird. Not "weird" like funny, but "weird" like there is something strangely uncomfortable happening. Listen after the jump.
Babes Eating Bananas #1 [VIDEO]
There is something special about ladies eating bananas. We don't care if they do it slow, fast or with enthusiasm, just as long as they do it. Check out our first video after the jump.
Rock Show Car Bombed! [VIDEO]
In honor of St. Pats we present "The Irish Car Bomb" (can you believe someone thought "car bomb" was a fun name for a drink?). It tastes like chocolate mixed with rootbeer mixed with a little bit of motor oil. Check out a video and get the recipe after the jump.
Happy PI Day You Geeks
There's a reason we call them "geeks". It's due to their weird senses of humor and social awkwardness. Proof of this is the celebration of "PI Day" on March 14 which equates to 314, or the first three numbers of PI. Haha, hilarious, right? Read more after the break.
Nightmare On Elm Street [VIDEO]
I hadn't heard a single positive review about the new "Nightmare On Elm Street", so I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I really don't know what people were expecting, but it's a very good horror movie. Read more after the break.

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