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What Do You Do For Fun in Abilene When You’re Broke?
With gas prices on the rise again, not to mention an economy that still needs help, it's tough to pay all of your bills and still be able to have a little fun here in Abilene...especially if you're broke.  With this week's Question of the Week, we ask you what do you do for fun i…
Abilene Chimes in on Old Farts with Mohawks
This week's Question of the Week was based on the the theme 'How Old is Too Old' and had to do with Mohawks.  Earlier this week, I asked you how old was too old to have one and based off of your comments, I created a poll for you to vote on.  Well, now the results of that po…
Vote on What Age is Too Old to Have a Mohawk [POLL]
For the next few weeks, my Question of the Week will have the theme "How Old is Too Old".  This week, I asked  you how old is too old to have a Mohawk.  After reading some of  your comments, I created a poll for you to vote on.
How Old is Too Old To Have a Mohawk?
For the next 3 weeks, our Question of the Week is going to have a little theme called 'How Old is Too Old'.  Let's face it, some people may be just a little too old to be doing certain things.  So, let's dive on in and see what you guys think about Mohawks. How is is to…
Which Device Do You Listen to Music on the Most? [POLL]
Nowadays, technology has enabled us to check out our favorite music in a variety of ways.  No longer are we just limited to portable radios and CD players, but now we have iPods, and smart phones with music apps, and a ton of other ways to get our music fix.  With this week's Questio…
Check Out What Abilene Wants to Open as a New Business
With this week's Question of the Week, we asked, if you could open up a business in Abilene, what business would it be?  After creating a poll using your comments to vote on, the people of Abilene have spoken and the results are in.

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