Mortal Kombat Prank Scares Elevator Riders
You might remember the dude that pulled off the epic "yoga pants prank" earlier this year. Well, now Fousey Tube is back with another killer prank. This time, he puts on Mortal Kombat's Subzero costume, and scares the heck out of unsuspecting elevator riders for a flawless pra…
The Painman Pranks Chaz and Dave with Black Licorice Jelly Beans
So, our local candy lady has a wide assortment of goodies, but my favorite is the jar of jelly beans. The downside to sneaking into her office for a midday snack is that I always get a handful of the nasty-tasting black licorice jelly beans. So, to have a little fun at the expense of my co-workers a…
Panhandler Prank on New York City Subway is Hilarious [VIDEO]
Ever wonder what it would be like if a bunch of panhandlers got together and begged for money all at the same time - at the same location?  Well, wonder no longer as this panhandler prank on a subway in New York will have you laughing until you cry.
Chaz Gets Locked in Studio by a Broom [VIDEO]
I get antsy from time to time, and when that happens Chaz is normally the person that suffers from my "antsy-ness". We have this long ass metal broom that I can only assume is used for cleaning out of reach places like 2nd story windows and satellite dishes. Well, I found this broo…

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