Is ‘Milking’ the New, Weirder ‘Planking’?
We know, you didn't think it would be possible for a meme to be more random than planking, but it's happened. Consider this -- after planking, one is not drenched in approximately a half a gallon of milk. That's the problem you get with "milking," which is basically …
‘The Office’ Discovers Planking [VIDEO]
‘The Office‘ premiered its eighth season last night, and for the second year in the a row, the employees of Dunder Mifflin are just catching onto something that’s already old news on the internet. Last fall they treated us to an office-wide lip dub, and this year they&Clo…
Old Man ‘Planks’ On A Bottle [VIDEO]
Well, I thought I had seen all forms of planking there was to see. I was wrong. Check out this old dude, who does some pretty nifty balancing and actually 'planks' on a bottle - and get this, he's 80 years old!
NBA Players Do Some ‘Planking’ [PHOTOS]
I'm sure all of the NBA players were already bored with the off season and now a lock out is on. That didn't stop Orlando Magic teammates, Gilbert Arenas and Dwight Howard to do some 'planking'. What the heck is planking?