NFL Playoff Preview – AFC and NFC Championships
Four teams remain alive in the NFL playoffs. The winners of this Sunday’s conference championship games will meet in Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis on Sunday, Feb. 5. Here’s a preview of the two title games scheduled for Sunday, Jan. 22:
AFC C...
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Hilarious: Belichick Throws Acid On Brady [VIDEO]
You've probably heard of The Onion. Well, have you heard of The Onion Sports Network? These guys have a hilarious show on Comedy Central called "Sports Dome". It's basically a sports parody show and one of the funniest shows on tv. You've gotta take a couple minu…
Pain’s Playoff Picks
Well, now it's time for the divisional match ups in the NFL Playoffs. I'm a huge sports nut but haven't done too well at picking the winners this year. Hopefully this weekends picks will be better than last.