See What Olympic Divers Look Like on the Toilet
You may have seen our photos showing what Olympic divers really look while diving. Don’t be fooled by the elegant turns and precise finish into the water — their faces really look insane! We’re guessing it’s a combination of intense concentration…
Why Do So Many Olympic Athletes Have Asthma?
In order to be an Olympian, athletes typically work very hard to get their bodies in peak shape. And yet, a new study says that intense physical training may have an unintended consequence — chronic asthma.
How Much Are Olympic Medals Actually Worth?
Olympic athletes often train for years in the hopes of someday getting a medal. But while the 4,700 medals currently being doled out in London are priceless to the athletes who win them, the actual value of the raw materials may be less than you think.
Ryan Lochte’s Twitter Is Getting ‘Weird’
They should probably just call the 2012 Summer Olympics the “Twitter Games,” as the microblogging service has been part of quite a few of the story lines so far in London.
American swimmer Ryan Lochte is one of the many athletes at the games to maintain an active Twitter account. An account that got …

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