‘Blood Moon’ Lunar Eclipse Captured in Time-Lapse Video
If you were like me, you were zonked out and catching some serious z's when the whole 'Blood Moon' lunar eclipse happened on Monday (April 14th). Lucky for us, some time-lapse footage of the event has been released by the fine folks at Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, California. …
What If Something WAS Found On The Moon? [VIDEO]
The Blair Witch Project is probably the most popular example of a “found footage” movie. The concept being that stuff happened that was filmed and the film tells the story from there. I think it’s an effective story telling gimmick and I don&CloseCurlyQuot…
Supermoon This Saturday
Tomorrow (Saturday) night we'll have a moon that will appear bigger and brighter. The phenomenon is known as a "Supermoon". More details after the jump.
Lunar Eclipse [VIDEO]
In case you missed the lunar eclipse because you were so wasted the other is the time lapse of the event.  Pretty cool stuff, though I would have put Pantera or Slayer for the background music.
Lunar Mooner
The U.S. will witness a total lunar eclipse tonight/this morning for about two hours beginning at 1:43 a.m. During this time the moon will be filtered through our atmosphere and take on an orange glow.