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‘Non-Stop’ Trailer: Liam Neeson Gets ‘Taken’ on an Airplane
Just when you thought Liam Neeson's late-career resurrection as a gruff 'n growling action hero may be ready for a break, the first 'Non-Stop' trailer shows up, proving that the man who once played Oskar Schindler has officially transformed into the closest thing the 21st century has to Arnold Schwa…
Liam Neeson Will Kill Everyone in ‘The All Nighter’
At this point in his career, Liam Neeson is practically the patron saint of killing as many bad guys as it takes to protect your family, so it makes perfect sense that he's in negotiations to star in 'The All Nighter.' Boiled down to its basic elements, the film sounds like another entry in the &quo…
Unknown Looks Kick Ass [VIDEO]
Liam Neeson has another killer thriller set to open this weekend. He took things to a new level with "Taken", now check out "Unknown"