Do Girls Secretly Find Farts as Funny as Guys? [POLL]
I won't tell you about the 'flatulence' that brought us to this, so I'll get right to the point. Do women secretly find farts as funny as guys? A 'low flying duck with bad breath' can fly in the middle of a funeral and men will giggle; it's in our DNA. I know women…
Where is the Worst Intersection in Abilene? [POLL]
Recently, I asked everybody on my Facebook page, where they thought the worst intersection in Abilene was.  There were the usual suspects and a few surprises, but now it's time to vote on which intersection is the worst in town based on what you all have said.
Have We Become Too Sensitive as a Society? [POLL]
So I finally got to watch The Avengers movie and I must say it was nothing short of epic, amazing and other multi-syllable adjectives that I can't pronounce. During one scene of the movie, The Avengers were talking about Thor's brother Loki and how bad of a person he was then Thor joked "he's a…

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