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Celebrity Death Hoaxes – Our Top 5
Celebrity status not only gets you on all the talk shows and covers of magazines, but it also gets you 'dead'.
Every few months the buzz of a celebrity death runs rampant causing many to post their condolences on Facebook and sending some to Google to verify the validity.
Top 10 Justin Bieber Songs to Buy Your Kids [VIDEO]
I'm approached by parents that constantly ask what Justin Bieber songs are the best to buy their children. These parents know I have a kid that probably fits the profile of a Justin Bieber fan. So, I decided to answer this question for parents who are unsure as to which Justin Bieber songs they…
Metallica With Lou Reed And Justin Bieber
Rock News Desk is reporting that Metallica actually was trying to set up a photo shoot with Lou Reed and Justin Bieber.  The resulting pictures would be used to promote a collaboration with the three.  What do you think about Metallica, Reed & Bieber Band?  More after the jump…

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