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Miss Utah Appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live to Redeem Herself
Miss Utah, Marissa Powell, was vying for the crown of Miss USA a couple of nights ago when she made the biggest boo boo of all. She fumbled with her answer to a question posed to her. She immediately became the butt of many jokes and the video of that one moment went viral.
Watch Jessica Alba and More Celebs Read Mean Tweets
On a good day, Twitter is used as a social media platform where others can connect and interact in a cordial way. On a bad day, people hide behind their handles and unleash some harsh thoughts into the Twittersphere. But thanks to the folks at 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' the bad days just got bet…
Jimmy Kimmel Asks ‘Can Kindergartners See Jesus?’
We can't help but love local news programs. They never fail at bringing us some of the craziest people this country has to offer. For example, Fred Truluck, who believes to have seen a profile of Jesus Christ on a piece of a Corona beer box -- shaped like a fish, of course. But fear not, folks:…

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